Dear Judiciary, here are some alternative ways someone could have been ‘punished’ for killing a black buck!

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What do you think would be the estimated number of chickens, male goats, and lambs consumed in India each day?

Millions! Right?

Now let us assume that PETA files a petition in the court that all these killings are inhumane and should be banned because killing animals just to obtain meat is simply inhumane.

The immediate counter-argument would be that a million of people would lose their jobs because that is solely what they do for a living. A rationale you would buy in, instantly.

Now consider one of the greatest entertainers of the country killed a blackbuck almost 2 decades ago during his youth when he was perhaps having the most glorious time of his life. He was successful, young, had resources and everything that lead him to commit a mistake.

During these 2 decades, he has not only continued to entertain the country, he has helped in creating jobs, has done massive charity for all sorts of needy people.

This time, in the connected economy, thousands of job would be at stake just in case he is not granted bail. All that just for a simple mistake? Really?

Is that justified?

Having said that, we definitely do not encourage that anyone should be given permissions to play with the habitat. Salman Khan is definitely guilty but in this particular case, there were many other possible ways he could be punished.

  1. The court could have asked him to adopt an entire forest reserve or
  2. Could have directed him to plant at least a million trees or
  3. Could have asked him to open an animal hospital or something similar or
  4. Something that wouldn’t have an impact on thousands of jobs in the connected economy…

Maybe that was another way things could have been done better!

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