Small and easy steps you can take for protecting the environment

Air Pollution, Yuva Perspectives
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The yearly numbers concerning the rainfall thus far have been very worrying in major parts of India while some are flooded already. In a country like India where agriculture is the most important sector of the economy, the impact is going to be worrying this year. The reasons that have made our environment really tough are obvious and known to most of us. The social media is flooded with messages and information to conserve and protect our nature from our willful wrongdoings. But are we really acting outside on the actual grounds? Most of the readers would have no as an answer while some are actually out acting. In the Delhi-NCR, a lot of volunteer groups that have been active for years are doing phenomenal job. Save Aravali group which is a volunteer’s group working for the betterment of Aravali is aggressively doing tree plantation drives and are literally behind the government for removing the bottlenecks that they are encountering while attempting the constructing of ponds in the Aravali mountain range for water conservation.

As responsible citizens, we have a moral duty to commit for a better environment. In this post, we are listing some ways that are very easy and truly eartly-minded to accomplish for everyone.

  1. Tree plantation in the vacant plots near you- A lot of people who are living in very small houses literally have no space to plant even a single tree despite possessing a strong commitment to not just plant but take care of a tree throughout their lifetime. Such people can resort to the empty plots in their vicinity and plant at least one tree this monsoon season. There are plenty of trees that grow very fast like Eucalyptus (Safeda) and Poplar. Plant one in your vicinity and take active care for couple of seasons. In the longer run, even if the plot owners want to get such trees out, they will not be disappointed by the money they might get after selling them. Till then, your entire vicinity will reap the benefit of clean air. Watch how to plant a Eucalytus or Poplar. You can go further beyond and plant some fruit trees or any other of your choice too.
  2. Save water- Stop wasting water on washing cars, floors, verandas and anything that requires a lot of water.
    • Check your taps for leaks
    • Put a plastic bottle in your toilet tank so that less water is required to flush the waste out
    • Take shorter showers
    • Install water-saving shower/tap heads
    • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving
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  3. Dig small ponds- Dig small arrangements in the park or on the empty plot near your house. Conserve water!
  4. Purchase some taps and go on a drive in any of the villages near you. You can find plenty of opportunities to stop water getting wasted because there is simply no tap installed. Install some and inspire the local people to look after them.
  5. Volunteer- If you are still not sure that you can do it alone, find out a group of environmentalists in your area and offer to volunteer.