Read how Dushyant and Digvijay of INLD 2.0 are emerging as a real challenge for the ruling BJP Government in Haryana!

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Dushyant Chautala riding a green tractor into the parliament
Dushyant Chautala, India’s youngest MP riding a green tractor into the parliament. PC: Express Photo Service

इस पोस्ट को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें|

Days after Dushyant Chautala, India’s youngest parliamentarian of Indian National Lokdal Haryana rode the green tractor into parliament to oppose tweaking of rules under the Act declaring tractor as a mere vehicle and not an agricultural vehicle, the central BJP government had to kneel down to accept his request. A brilliant orator of both Hindi and English, Dushyant has been working very closely and actively with millions of INLD supporters in Haryana. He has been very actively posting his Questions (asked in parliament) on his social media profiles and also does frequent ‘live’ interactions with the INLD supporters through his Facebook page. His bold yet humble persona makes him the leader that Jatland Haryana deserves.

Although the government did not give credit to Mr. Chautala for excluding the tractors from the commercial vehicle, Mr. Chautala’s strong social media presence has effectively communicated it to the last level of Haryana’s population that the government’s move is just because of INLD’s aggressive demands to the central government in favour of the farmers. This successful stint of Dushyant will not only benefit the farmers of Haryana, it will be a boon for farmers all across the country. If grabbed right, this move provides a splendid opportunity for the Chautalas to spread INLDs wings across the farmers of the entire country.

Digvijay Singh Chautala, National president of INSO

Similarly, Digvijay Singh Chautala (National President – INSO) had been fighting the Haryana government with his young supporters of INSO to revoke the 22 years old ban on the students’ elections which were discontinued by Bansi Lal-led Haryana Vikas Party government in 1996. With 5 more members of INSO, always energetic Digvijay chose GJU, Hisar as his base for an indefinite hunger strike to revoke the ban on students’ election. No one from the current BJP government of Haryana showed up for talks with the agitating group. But for the purpose of damage control, the government released a statement that it will be working on the matter. Although it is not sure whether this will become a reality or not, it is clear that INSO has been able to mount a significant pressure on the current government.

All in all, it is a clear hint that the duo under strong party leadership has been able to penetrate strongly on the grounds and is all set to create a huge turbulence in the upcoming elections.

Team wishes the Chautalas all the best and look forward to interviewing them in the near future.

Official statement from the BJP government regarding elections of student union in universities and colleges of Haryana


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