Did you just a get a ‘very poor’ rating despite the fact that your work was actually excellent?

Thought Leadership, Yuva Perspectives
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Last 6 months were extremely phenomenal for a colleague at work. He utilized an opportunity to go full steam ahead in experimenting his consultative selling skills and he did full justice to it. So much so that his boss rated him below average! In the future work scenarios, the upcoming generation might face this challenge quite often so it is important for leaders to take the fact of the matter in their cognizance and react accordingly.

  • For instance, the colleague referred here connected sales leaders from 3 different geographies with multiple business owners from their respective target segments.
  • Induced the skill of extracting ‘buy hints’ in fellow colleagues .
  • Coached his fellow colleagues on how to extract information and structure a consultative selling approach.
  • Innovated with target audience to make connections for life that would always be responsive to him.
  • Connected 2 different horizontal business units with potential leads across separate verticals.

His job type is expected to do all of that but still, why the feedback stood at the lowest level possible?

The answer is wrong utilization of the word ‘dependency’ and ‘control’. In the era of hyperactive socially connected world, the information exchange happens in fraction of seconds. Everything is available at a couple of taps on your mobile screens and the distance is truly irrelevant between like minded persons; be it team members or prospects or customers that you are serving already. But the yesteryear’s managers who have grown in the era of dependency and control are totally ignorant when it comes to ‘yield’ and leverage the powers underneath the phenomenon called as ‘social networking’. Instead, they are critics to the social networks and you can find them referring social media as a ‘noise’. If you want to really solve how to move on from bosses of yesteryear, we recommend you to read this article from Times of India.

While we recommend moving on quickly from the ‘room’ in which you think you are the smartest, the real focus of your thoughts and energy in today’s corporate world should purely be on-

  • mining the best in class data for quality insights
  • structuring the insights in such a manner that they come handy while solving complex problems
  • (always) finding right time to connect with target audience for all sorts the contexts
  • keeping the diplomacy and tact for competitions not for the teams that you are leading or are part of
  • requesting control from leadership by demonstrating value that you can bring in
  • decentralizing the decision making and control if you are leading a team
  • inducing best practices of empathy in your surroundings 24*7
  • finding positives out of people, events and ideas
  • never complaining about the company/team that you are part of!

Always remember, it was your decision to join in a setting. If you can not survive in conditions that you do not like, change them; if you cant change the conditions, then move on today! The level of complaint is simply unacceptable because it is always just a rant 😉