“Dear MCF of Smt. Sonal Goel, Residents of sector 7 and 10 do not want your so called ‘development’ anymore!”- Suchet Kaushik

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Couple of years ago, the sewer system as well as the drinking water supply of Sector 7 and 10 were reckoned as decently functioning settings of Faridabad. Absolutely flawless, running without any major issues as such!

But then came god know whose lust for money in the name of new project development that MCF started digging the streets of Sector 7 and 10 of Faridabad to lay new sewer lines and drinking water supply. While the residents were absolutely clueless on why were the cemented roads being dug; all they could hope was that it was being done for the betterment.

On MCF’s part, the biggest blunder that they did was that they set the start date of the work but never put an end date to it. On top of that, they added multiple contractors for each work without any proper plan.

On April 1, 2018, the work started in Sector 10; the same started months prior in the Sector 7.

6-7 days to lay the new poor quality sewer lines and then almost 2 feet deep pits for 6 months. Muddy, bumpy streets full of jumbo sized concrete pieces were left unattended for almost an year when new contractor came in to dig the other half side of streets to install the new water supply lines. The residents had a new hope that now is the time to get over with the misery but once again, the near and dear contractors of MCF left the work in middle. Now both the sides of the streets were dug for 4 feet. The residents tried to raise their voices through social media through us on multiple occasions.

But without any satisfactory response, they somehow managed to get the debris on their own by paying from their wallet to somehow make the streets walk-able, at least.

Now, the broken streets topped up with a lot of debris cause a lot of air pollution that is simply unbearable. While the road accidents have increased exponentially, the young school going children and elderly of this densely populated area are becoming a major victim of deadly respiratory diseases.

Ever since, the people have been silently protesting through social media and to the councilor Dhanesh Adlakha who never came back to the sectors after he had last showed up to seek locals’ support during the MCF elections. Vipul Goel, the former MLA and also a powerful minister then, barely took any interest and never showed up in the support of the residents. Regardless, Suchet Kaushik mentioned to WeYuva that he reached out to the CMO office and also to the CM’s IT advisor Mr. Dhruv Majumdar who helped in expediting work by getting the MCF officers approve of 1.3 crore budget for the streets.

The new company came in just before the election time, drilled the remaining parts of the streets but was pressurized to discontinue the work until elections were over. Now that the elections are over, results are out, Mr. Narender Gupta is the new MLA, another project has been started yesterday for Sector 10-11 dividing road to everyone’s surprise.

The new chief of MCF, Mrs. Sonal Goel too have been tagged multiple times to bring the issue to her notice but only for cipher. While Team WeYuva hopes that the bold lady has all the right charisma to get stuff done in a flick, the action is yet to happen. Maybe a peaceful protest is what MCF is looking for….

Do share this post on your social media accounts and do not forget to tag the local authorities as well your newly appointed representatives. And to your current councilor! You know what you got to do in the upcoming elections!

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