…. And the INLD is losing the battle against INLD 2.0

Haryana Vidhansabha Elections 2019
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The day former CM of Haryana Chaudhary Om Prakash Chautala announced Abhay Chautala as the political heir of the Indian National Lok Dal, the long ongoing internal tussle within the family came out openly in public.

Since that day, almost everyone who is keen on the politics of Haryana has been curious to know the long-term impact of senior Chautala expelling the two strongest young leaders Dushyant Chautala and Digvijay Chautala from the party.

Known for his polite and humble nature, Dushyant has been playing his cards with perfection since then. He has been ensuring millions of his supporters waiting for his next move that all his future decisions would be a perfect mixture of advise that he receives from his father Mr. Ajay Chautala, the young public sentiment of his supporters and on how the INLD enables them further after alleging that the anti-Abhay hooting was preplanned by the young and vibrant duo Dushyant and Digvijay.

While Dushyant has been ridiculing the allegations against him firmly with all sorts of proofs like video clippings from rally, he has also been making it absolutely clear with all his actions that the party in its current shape and form which is stronger than the past few years has a much larger contribution of his and Digvijay’s efforts than what Sr. Chautala has been perceiving from inside the jail.

The situation today in almost all stronghold areas of INLD is that wherever Dushyant goes out to meet the public, thousands of his supporters come out instantly and make the gathering look like no less than a rally.

The political pundits who have been forecasting that the situation today is similar to 31 years ago when Ch. Devilal had declared Ch. Om Prakash as his political heir, are totally stunned to know that not only the young crowds but the elderly are also gathering in huge numbers in all of Dushyant’s gatherings.

Be it Dushyant’s Delhi home or his father’s Lok Sabha area Bhivani or one of Jatland’s strongest district Jind or even the INLD’s own Sirsa, the people are pouring love on Dushyant in a phenomenal way. All this is evident from the pictures from his recent visits and we all know that pictures are worth more than a thousand words.

Dushyant in Sirsa

Dushyant in Bhivani

Dushyant in Jind

The popular leader and youngest MP, Hisar, Dushyant, despite this massive support, has been delaying his decisions time to time to ensure that all the DD-duo’s (Dushyant Digvijay duo) work over last few years doesn’t go in vain because of internal turmoils.

While we are keen on observing the trends that shape up based on INLD’s decisions and INLD 2.0 of DD- Duo, we are not hesitant to say that if INLD doesn’t take DD-Duo’s hard work over past few years in cognizance, it would be a self-goal by the Sr. Chautala and Abhay Chautala even before the actual battle begins in Haryana!

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